Private Collector's Estate Liquidation

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  1. I am liquidating an estate from an avid post card collector. I have thousands and thousands of cards that I will be selling over the next two months. He took elaborate steps to care, organize and store the cards. The first auction will run from Sept 1-7, 2014. Red Belly Rooster Auction is located in Fayetteville, GA...just south of Atlanta, GA.

    I am running lots of specialty box lots as well as some bulk purchases, as well due to the number of cards I am handling. Please let me know if there are any specific requests that I can search out in this collection.

    Online Bidding will start Sept 1, with live previews at our location 3 times during the online auction. Lots will not be posted until auction is open for bidding.

    Patty Brown
    Georgia Auctioneer License #3934

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