Gratuitous Hunting And Fishing

Discussion in 'Sports & Games Postcards' started by PostcardCollector, Mar 9, 2014.

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    Jeeze guys, the marsh called.. they said they're running out of ducks!

    With this type of gratuitous hunting and fishing it's no wonder we lost the passenger pigeon and almost lost the American Bison. Do you have postcards featuring other examples of hunters and fisherman taking more than they need?
  2. esullivan

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    Is it possible to purchase this post card?
    Or to have a high resolution scan made of it?
    I am a college professor and would like to use it for my research.
  3. jim

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    There are lots of these type of cards available. I have a similar one for jackrabbits. I have a stereoview card that shows a similar pile of ducks.
  4. esullivan

    esullivan New Member

    thank you for your reply. Do you have the one that is shown here? I am specifically interested in this image of hunted passenger pigeons.
    Thank you.

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